Margin Trade Funding

Enhance your buying power!
Carry delivery positions beyond 7 days by paying only a small portion of the stock value.
What is Margin trade Funding?
  • Margin Trading is buying stocks by partly putting in one's own money and the rest being funded by the broker Carry delivery position beyond 7 days, by paying only a small percentage of the security's value known as margin amount. In case you wish to take delivery you just need to repay the funded portion. Interest will be charged on the funded amount/Debit amount.
How to do Margin trade funding?
  • Login to Infini Trading solutions (ITS) or NEST Trading platform using your account credentials
  • Search and select a scrip of your choice
  • Click on buy to open buy order form
  • Select product as “MTF” from the drop down
  • Enter the required quantity and price of the scrip
  • Go to Margin calculator page to calculate the margin requirement to place the order
  • Place order & track your order status in order book
  • To square off your transaction, go to Open Positions

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How is MTF beneficial?
  • Hold the positions purchased for a long period
  • Avoid squaring off the positions and blocking them on T+5 days
  • Make use of the unutilized value of stocks in your DP account
  • Get more leverage on the stocks
  • The ability to invest more while having limited cash on hand enables you to take advantage of timely market opportunities
  • You can increase your overall stock market investment with a moderately small amount of your own money
  • As margin trade funding enables to have more money, you can spread the portfolio across a variety of shares and securities. As a result of this diversification, your portfolio investment risk gets reduced
  • MTF facility can be availed in the existing trading account by signing MTF agreement and transfer initial margin by way of cash/ collateral to purchase the shares under this facility
  • If you are an existing customer, you can activate the MTF segment on your existing trading account itself and there is no need to open a separate trading account
  • MTF product is added to the same trading account as separate segment - MTF segment.

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